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lillian's photo for BannerPutnam Women’s Healthcare is excited to announce that Lillian Cabel, FNP-C, WHNP-C will begin seeing patients at Putnam County Hospital on Tuesday, September 8. Putnam County Hospital has partnered with Hendricks Regional Health to provide exceptional care for obstetric and gynecologic patients in the Putnam County area. Paula Stephens-Bibeau, CNM, and Dr. Rebecca Haak, OB/GYN are currently seeing patients at Putnam County Hospital on Thursdays through the Hendricks Regional partnership, and will be collaborating with Lillian and Putnam Women’s Healthcare in order to offer the best in care.

Lillian earned her Family Nurse Practitioner and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner education from University of Indianapolis, while earning her Bachelors of Science in Nursing at University of Illinois in Chicago.

For those that are obstetric patients, most prenatal appointments will be offered at Putnam Women’s Healthcare under the care of Lillian, with some appointments occurring at Hendricks Regional Health so that women have the chance to meet the collaborating physicians/midwives. Gynecologic care will be offered as well at Putnam Women’s Healthcare. Putnam County Hospital has many resources in place to provide well-rounded care to patients with Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance.

Lillian states, “The way that the complexity of a woman affects their healthcare needs is what I enjoy most about being a women’s health care provider.  I believe it is imperative for my care to reflect my sincerity not only for what comprises a woman biologically, but for what makes her who she is.  At Putnam County Women’s Healthcare, I hope to create an environment where women feel they have the support and partnership they need to attain their health goals, however modest or monumental they may be.”

Putnam Women’s Healthcare is located just behind the elevators on the main level of Putnam County Hospital. Office hours are 8:30am-5:00pm.To make your appointment with Lillian, please call Putnam Women’s Healthcare at 765.655.2686

In an effort to improve prenatal care for low-income women in Putnam and surrounding counties, Hendricks Regional Health and Putnam County Hospital are pleased to announce a new collaborative obstetrics clinic called Partners in Care. Moms-to-be will be seen at Putnam County Hospital.

Partners in Care will be open each Thursday to serve pregnant women from the community. The clinic will be staffed by Hendricks Regional Health nurse midwife, Paula Stephens-Bibeau. Medical directors for the clinic are Dr. Michelle Fenoughty, of Westside Physicians for Women, and Dr. Clark Boccone, of New Life Associates; the physicians are both members of the Hendricks Regional Health Medical Group. Patients of Partners in Care will receive prenatal services at Putnam County Hospital, while deliveries will take place at Hendricks Regional Health in Danville.

DePauw University conducted a needs assessment and confirmed a shortage of prenatal care in Putnam County. By partnering on this venture, Putnam County Hospital and Hendricks Regional Health hope to improve the health of women and babies in the community.

To make an appointment with Partners in Care at the Putnam County Hospital, call (765) 655-2686, or email info@pchosp.org.

A young lady does not need to be sexually active prior to scheduling a first visit with the Gynecologist.  Today, opening the lines of communication and building a rapport with such a physician can help a young woman to be more comfortable with the changes she is experiencing.  It also provides an opportunity to discuss the benefits of routine exams, birth control and cervical cancer prevention.  To learn more, visit Putnam Women’s Healthcare.

While some are eager to enter the world of parenthood, others are more timid.  Either way, a Gynecologist can help answer questions regarding family planning. To learn more, visit Putnam Women’s Healthcare.

Routine Pelvic Exams, Pap Smears, and Breast Exams should be conducted every 2 years, unless otherwise directed by your physician.  Schedule your exam with Putnam Women’s Healthcare by contacting 765-655-2686.

Digital Mammography has been a powerful tool in the early detection of breast cancer.  With today’s technology, screenings are quicker and more accurate than in the recent past.  To schedule your mammography, please contact us or call 765-658-2760.

The end of the reproductive years can be filled with hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and relief that this chapter of life has come to end.  Still, it can be overwhelming to undergo such drastic changes.  An open dialog with a Gynecologist or your Family Physician can help to provide coping skills and possible medications in the transition to the next stage in life.

Women are encouraged to begin routine colonoscopies at age 50, unless a family history dictates otherwise.  Today, colonoscopies, when done routinely, are effective in preventing colon cancer.   For more information or to schedule your screening, contact us or call Putnam Surgical Specialties at 765-658-2710.

If a screening should indicate cancer, Putnam County Hospital has Board Certified Oncologists available to answer questions and begin a treatment plan best suited for your particular needs.  For more information, contact the Cancer Center.