Systems Analyst/Programmer (Exempt w/Ben) – 8.29.17

Job Requirements:
• Bachelor degree required.
• CPSI software knowledge.
• Experience in Orchard, Healthland, AllScripts, T-System or other Health Information System a plus.
• Use high-level analysis, design and technical skills
• 2+ years relevant work experience including but not limited to knowledge/exposure to the following technologies: Crystal Reports, SQL, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Excel.
• Must have Excellent data analytical and data management skills
• Placed ONCALL every other week.
• Must be flexible, work well under pressure, and have the ability to readily adapt to change.
• Ability to manage multiple concurrent assignments to meet reporting deadlines. A highly motivated team player that contributes to an atmosphere in which people work together to produce outstanding results.

Specific Job Functions:
• Edit, Develop and produce routine operational reports.
• Responsible for management of all applications of CPSI system, including installation, training, troubleshooting and user help, Fax Server, Word Server, EForms, interface, and all vendor communications/issues.
• Query data using Crystal Reports and/or other ad hoc query tools to produce ad hoc reports upon request.
• Extract data from necessary sources and use technical/analytical skills to produce reporting for management.
• Help create data extracts to integrate internal and /or external systems.
• Document sources of reports and steps necessary to generate complex reports
• Support users by working the queue on open work orders in the TrackIT Work Order system.
• Support departmental initiatives as requested.
• Continually educates and updates the staff with any changes within CPSI.
• Grant CPSI access to approved staff.
• Responsible for being compliant with all Medicare and Medicaid regulations and compliance requirements pertaining to the job function.